Ahh the freelance life. Work wherever and whenever you want to, make more money and work fewer hours, retire young. At least that’s the dream, right?
Unfortunately, it’s not always reality. One of the toughest realities to run into (and if you have not yet, you will) is when a client does not pay you for the work you have done for them.
So what can you do? That’s what this week’s video is all about! The tips:
  • Stop working immediately. Remind them of the payment terms (you had those, right?)
  • In the future, get at least a portion of payment up front. That way, you are not out the whole amount.
  • It’s likely not worthwhile to take them to litigation. The best thing you can do is cut your losses and move on. If they come back later and ask for you to complete the work and that they are sorry (they likely won’t, but you never know), make them pay in full up front no questions asked.

Vimeo Pro has been having issues for me, so this week it’s an embedded YouTube video with no password –

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