Sometimes when doing work for clients, they ask you to do work that is outside of the scope of your project. What do you do?

In this week’s video, I go deeper into some of the strategies I have devised to keep scope creep like this from happening. These include:

  • Making sure that you have a contract signed that outlines the scope of work (and the contract template has been approved by a lawyer). No contract, no work.
  • Explain to them what was agreed upon and how you have delivered to that. Make sure you built in a set number of review cycles. This is the most common area that clients try to get more.
  • If they keep asking, tell them that you have completed the work done (if you have indeed) and are happy to get them a new scope and statement of work for them to sign if they would like to continue.
Sometimes they will. Sometimes they won’t. It doesn’t matter which one you choose – don’t do free work.
The password for the video is in the email.
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