A few years ago we launched the Credo Lead Network as a way for more agencies to get qualified digital marketing leads than we’ve been able to serve with our Pipeline As A Service offering.

I realized in August 2020 that we were turning away a lot of good companies who needed marketing help because their budget was not large enough for the agencies in Credo’s network at that time.

What started as a simple email with Buy Now links has become an increasingly larger part of the Credo business and every month is helping great companies and brands who are early on with their marketing investment connect with agencies about working together.

In early 2021, we launched what we call the Agency Growth Network plans which are subscriptions to access all of the leads (20-30 monthly on average) coming through this feed. These plans have seen good adoption and we know that agencies who buy a few leads first and then subscribe don’t churn off of these plans because they’re closing work. It’s awesome.

As we’ve operated this line of business, we’ve also come across a few more use cases that we weren’t meeting.

That changes today.

Two New Plans

We just released two new plans:

  • One Month Access
  • Annual Access

Here’s a bit more about them.

One Month Access

Over the last few months we’ve had people tell us that they’re interested in “trying it out” but don’t want a monthly subscription that they may forget to cancel.

Now we are solving that need with a new One Month Access that is currently $499. Subscribe and you’ll have access to all of the leads that come through in the next 30 days. At 25 leads a month, that’s $20 a lead. Not all will be qualified for you, but if even 10 come through that’s $50 for each lead that has said they are actively looking for a new digital agency. This isn’t scraped information – these are people actively coming to Credo and creating a project and account with their project information.

Annual Access

Alongside the one month access plan, we’ve also added an Annual Plan. The Annual Plan is currently $1,499 for 12 months to access all of the leads coming through the Credo Network in the next year. At an average of 20 leads per month, that’s 240 leads per year.

That means you’re getting leads for a mere $6.25 per lead. It’s almost criminal for us to offer them for that cheap.

Here’s the reality – others in the “lead” space will sell you a name and email for that amount. We’re selling you vetted and verified projects (because we review all submitted projects for quality before they’re set live) for that same amount, which means you’ll spend less time finding the legitimate ones actively in the market and can spend more time actually selling to them and delivering value.

Here’s the full lineup of plans with current pricing as of June 2022:

A Bit More About Network Leads

Because we get asked quite often about the leads coming through the Network (we also spell it out on the Network page), here is a quick overview of the leads that come through.

  • They are digital marketing, design, and web development leads.
  • Most have a monthly marketing budget under $2,500 per month currently.
  • If the Credo team has spoken with them on the phone before their project is created, we tell you that (and the per-lead price reflects it)
  • Every lead at minimum has a website (sometimes it is a company needing their first website, in which case the URL with be nowebsiteyet.com). About half also have a phone number, and approximately 1/3 have spoken with a Credo representative.
  • Every project is reviewed by our team for quality before it is made available. We reject approximately 20% of submitted projects for failing to meet our standards for quality.
  • When a new lead is available, we send an email and an SMS (if enabled) so you can be quick on the draw.
  • What you pay for the lead is what you pay, regardless of if you close the work. If you close the lead as a client, you do not owe Credo anything more!

What Kinds Of Agencies Are A Good Fit For The Credo Network?

Another common question we field is “what kind of agencies are a good fit for the Credo Network?”

If you meet the following criteria, you’re likely a good fit and should apply:

  • Are an established agency offering digital marketing, design, and/or web development services to clients.
  • You have a professional looking website talking about who you are, what you do, and who you do it for.
  • You can share two clients, including the project you did and work delivered to them, with us. Agencies who claim that their work is proprietary and cannot be shared with anyone will not be accepted, as we will not be able to verify the quality of your work.
  • We care about both the results you get clients as well as your professionalism. We look for results you got clients, and look at the quality of reports and deliverables you send. Agencies who only send Excel spreadsheets as their reports will not be accepted, as we believe that numbers also need analysis and it is an agency’s job to help their client make good decisions.
  • You work with clients with smaller budgets (under $2,500 per month) as well as larger clients. If you only work with enterprise-level clients, then Credo is not a good fit for you. If you only work with enterprise-level clients and are having trouble getting leads and closing them to clients, you’ll get value from our Agency Accelerator Course.

Agency, Are You Ready To Get Started?

If you’re ready to get started, the process is simple.

  • Click here to get all of the information about the Credo Network.
  • On that page, click the link to apply to join the Network.
  • Our team will review in about a business day and you will hear by email if you are accepted.
  • Once you’re accepted, create your account and see the available leads.
  • We recommend that you buy a few first on a per-lead basis to make sure they’re a good fit for you. After that, subscribing will save you a lot of money.
  • To navigate to the Plans page, find the call to action on any individual leads or navigate through your Account section in the left sidebar.

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to hopefully welcoming you in to the Credo Network!