Every good marketing campaign deserves high-converting landing pages. By routing potential customers to custom landing pages geared toward campaign goals, you can speak to each user with calls to action designed to spur a specific action. With an omnichannel approach to digital marketing, building landing pages can quickly become overwhelming, which is where Unbounce comes in. The Unbounce landing page software is an AI-powered tool marketing teams can use to create eye-catching pages that get results. 

What Are Unbounce Landing Pages? 

Unbounce is a Canadian software company that has been helping marketers create landing pages for over 10 years. It has recently created a landing page builder powered by AI with various tools and functions that simplify the art of creating a landing page. With Unbounce pages, you can create pop-ups, sticky bars, and other landing pages that increase your chances of converting customers both on desktop and mobile devices. This tool will route your customers to the proper landing page, helping you match your products with the right people. 

Unbounce Landing Page: Unique Tips and Tricks

AI is not perfect, and your results will vary based on what you put into the system. Even though AI guides you through the process of building your landing page, you can follow these tips from a skilled Unbounce landing page designer to improve your chances of creating a page that converts. 

Put Settings in Place Before Starting

When you’re excited about your newest campaign, it’s tempting to jump right in and start to build landing pages. However, you can save yourself time in the long run by standardizing your settings up front.

Set your font families and sizes before adding any content. Setting them up based on your existing website and branding helps ensure consistency between your landing pages and brand. Each Unbounce landing page should feel like an extension of your website. That way, a customer will recognize your brand when they visit your site. 

Add text elements for your headers, subheads, paragraphs, and disclaimers. By doing this upfront, you don’t have to search for your specific fonts and brand colors every time you create a new landing page. 

Set a Button Style

Effective landing pages make it easy for users to take advantage of an offer. Buttons are an easy way to guide your customers to take action. Before you start creating individual landing pages, set the style on your first button. This way, every subsequent button will look the same for conversion rate optimization. 

Utilize Boxes for Formatting

Unless you’re an expert website builder and know custom code, it’s easy to mess up your site’s formatting when you’re trying to change certain elements. Instead of trying to code the site yourself, use boxes to help format text blocks and other content. 

For example, if you use testimonials in your landing pages, create a box for desktop and mobile containing the testimonial quote, name, location, and star rating. Once you’ve formatted it in a box, you can duplicate it when you need to add another testimonial. This way, they will all look the same in your marketing strategy landing pages.

Using boxes for formatting also makes it easier to move elements around your landing page. 

Gain Knowledge of CSS

Unbounce works with CSS. By gaining a working knowledge of the language, you can better understand how Unbounce works between desktop and mobile. Unbounce designers commonly use these custom scripts: 

  • Smooth scroll
  • Favicon from the production website
  • Image or testimonial sliders
  • Custom field requirements (such as date pickers, progressive fields, or redirects based on actions)

Having a working knowledge of CSS also helps you create a note or document of custom scripts so you can duplicate them later if you stumble on a landing page element you really like. 

Share the Element/Avoid Duplicating Text

Instead of duplicating text between desktop and mobile, share the element. For example, if you’re creating content for desktop and mobile and want to change it from left-aligned to center on your desktop landing page, the format change will not be applied to the mobile site. When you share the element instead of duplicating it, these format changes are captured. 

Disable Search Engine Indexing

If you’re running paid ads, disable search engine indexing before publishing your landing page. Your goal for these pages is to drive paid traffic. If you allow search engines to index the page, your data may be unreliable since the numbers may include organic traffic. 

What Makes a Talented Unbounce Landing Page Designer? 

Unbounce offers all the tools you need to make the perfect e-commerce landing page for each campaign, but you don’t have to do it alone. A successful Unbounce landing page designer knows how to use the tools effectively to create pages that convert. If you want to pair with the best Unbounce designers, look for people who have these qualities. 


Being good at anything takes practice, and Unbounce is no different. A talented Unbounce landing page designer has experience with the tool itself and with the elements that make a landing page successful. Even if the designer hasn’t been working with the tool for a long time, they should be open to learning new things and building their experience. 


People see a lot of content on the internet. A creative landing page designer knows how to play with design elements that make each page stand out and convert visitors. This could be something as simple as tweaking a font or as complex as writing website copy that compels a potential customer to click that button. 

A great landing page designer offers a balance of creativity and an understanding of what makes a landing page successful. They won’t bury your message in beautiful graphics. Landing pages built by a skilled designer will promote lead generation for your business.

Attention to Detail

Your landing page is often your first impression with a new customer. It should be error-free, including typos, missing links, and other issues. Choose to work with an Unbounce landing page designer who takes the time and care to look through each element of your page before it goes live. 


Digital marketing is constantly evolving. Work with a designer who stays on top of the trends and is open to finding new ways of doing things. For example, with the rise of digital assistants and smart technology, customers might stumble on your brand in new ways. 

By working with an innovative landing page designer, you can develop strategies for reaching these potential customers. Being innovative lets you stay one step ahead of the competition and solidify your own brand image as an innovator. 

Development Knowledge

Although Unbounce works with AI, knowing how to code and develop sites in CSS is a fundamental skill for landing page designers. A talented designer knows intermediate and advanced CSS elements, such as absolute positioning. 

Knowing development languages makes it easier for an Unbounce landing page designer to troubleshoot your landing page when it isn’t working. It also helps them translate your ideas into a successful landing page that promotes great conversion rates. 

Work With Talented Unbounce Landing Page Designers

If we have convinced you that Unbounce is the best resource for your landing pages, you might be intimidated by all the development talk. Thankfully, you don’t have to work with Unbounce yourself. Instead, contact Elevato to be connected to an Unbounce landing page designer who can help you meet and exceed your marketing goals with a killer landing page. 

We work with all things web, including landing pages and other elements of digital marketing. And we work with the most innovative tools on the market that help you find and connect with consumers for your business. 

Schedule a consultation today and learn more about how we can help you get more conversions.

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