In the middle of October I emailed you to tell you that I had made some changes to the email system and that a few more were coming as well.

Today I want to let you know that the way responses come to you has changed, for the better!

The goal of this change is to give me better analytics on whether leads respond to you or not (I hear too often that leads are not responding to your emails) so that I can continue to work to improve this all-important metric.

So what’s changing for you? Just one thing.

When a lead responds to you, they’ll do it through a form that looks like this:


When they click Send, you’ll receive an email notification that they responded to you. It’ll look like this:


When you receive this email, you respond to it directly and it goes directly to the lead. They respond to you there and the conversation is now off the Credo platform.

What Else Is New?

A few more new things.

New Homepage

I’m working on a whole homepage revamp, but wanted to get this live after feedback last week from my business mentor who basically told me the site didn’t look like a service to match businesses and marketers.


It’s come quite a long ways from the original HireGun homepage 4 years ago, no?


Digital Marketing Survey

Last week I announced the Digital Marketing Industry Pricing Survey. So far there are 150 responses! Can you help me with getting to 300?

Take The Survey

A Bit of CRO

They say small things can have a large impact. I recently made three changes to forms.

Reduced Inquire Form Size

By bringing the Next and Submit buttons back above the fold, the goal is to increase conversion rates. Short term, I’m seeing positive signs that this is working.


Pre-Selected Answers on General Form

One lesson I’ve learned across the multiple sites I’ve built and worked on is that you need to reduce as many choices as possible to convert more people.

So, I’ve now provided default answers for the multiple choice steps on the General form

Profile Contact Form Styles

I am testing a new color behind the form on profile pages. Too early to tell the effect it will have.


Any questions, please email me – [email protected]!