Your Guide to the Best Digital Marketing Tools: 6 Fantastic Facebook Ad Optimization Tools For 2022

6 Fantastic Facebook Ad Optimization Tools For 2022

Running Facebook ads without any serious thought on budget allocation and KPI planning is a ruinous combination. The guesswork won’t work and you will burn through ad spend.

But do you need to be advertising on Facebook? 78% of American consumers say they have discovered products on Facebook.

Safe to assume, your sales funnel could improve with a strategic, data-driven Facebook marketing and Facebook ad optimization plan to capture your slice of this audience.

If the idea of really putting your best effort into Facebook marketing is already making your eyes glaze over, don’t fear.

You’re not alone and we have Facebook specialists standing by who specialize in just that.

If you’re ready to go at it yourself, here’s where to start.

First, Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ads Manager

It would be an injustice to make this list without a mention of where almost all Facebook marketing strategies should begin and end – the Facebook Ads Manager.

Tell more people about your business by running ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network.

With self-serve tools and easy-to-read reports, you can reach your customers and find new ones.

Facebook Ads Manager deserves more than a mere mention. Use this simple, 5-step Facebook Ads guide to start and launch your first Facebook campaign today.

If you can put in the time to learn this process, there’s little question your business will benefit from it.

Maybe you’re looking for Facebook ad optimization with a little more oomph. AI-powered ad automation, perhaps?

Dynamic A/B testing with auto-generated PDF reports? Improved audience targeting, depending on where customers are in your sales funnel?

Use Facebook Ads Manager



AdEspresso is a comprehensive web-based platform for businesses to create, test, and optimize ads for social media.

This platform provides advanced options like generating custom PDF reports of each Facebook ad campaign.

You can run campaigns and perform A/B testing to find the best-performing versions of each ad.

For example, the AdEspresso editor lets you add multiple versions of a specific ad and the tool automatically creates split tests and runs them so you can optimize your results.


  • Free 14-day trial.
  • Starter – $49 USD /month
  • Plus – $99 USD/month
  • Enterprise – $259 USD/month

Best For: Any sized business

Check Out AdEspresso

Hubspot Ads Software

Hubspot Ads Software

With HubSpot Ads Software, you can put your CRM data to work. This tool lets you create and optimize highly personalized ads that register with your target audience.

The tool allows you to identify which ads are converting audience members into paying customers to know where to double down (and reduce) your ad spend.

Another key feature is that reports show the ROI of individual Facebook ad campaigns, which can be a difficult metric to pin down.

Hubspot is a powerful tool from a trusted brand that is constantly improving features and the overall user experience.


  • Starter – $50 USD/month
  • Pro – $890 USD/month
  • Enterprise – $3200 USD/month

Best For: Medium to enterprise-level businesses

Check Out Hubspot Ads Software



Adroll is a Facebook ad management software that allows you to target specific audiences on Facebook at different points in your sales funnel or customer’s journey.

The user interface is pleasantly intuitive without much of a learning curve, there is robust analytics reporting on campaign performance, and cross-platform ad personalization is excellent.

Of note, AdRoll is designed for medium and large-sized businesses using automation and CRM integrations. There are paid and free versions available.

Whether free or on a paid plan, the customer support team will walk you through setting up your first ad campaign and explain how to monitor each for the best results.

The support team and account managers are second to none.


  • Starter – Free
  • Growth – $25 USD/month
  • Advanced Tier (ad spend $65000K/year or more) available with consult

Best For: Small to large-sized businesses

Check Out AdRoll



SocialPilot is a social media advertising software that streamlines content creation, scheduling, and publishing across all your social media channels from a centralized location.

The ability to invite team members to collaborate on campaigns and create drafts helps keep your entire team on the same page and the process centralized.

So, more than anything, SocialPilot saves you time and money with easy-to-use ad scheduling and the ability to easily edit how ads display across different channels.


  • Pro – $29.75 USD/month
  • Studio – $63.75 USD/month
  • Agency – $127.50 USD/month
  • Enterprise – Inquire with team

Best For: Any sized business

Check Out SocialPilot



Revealbot is the only AI-powered Facebook Ad automation, optimization, and management tool to make our list.

This platform calculates ROAS and tracks CPA and other metrics through the Facebook Pixel. It optimizes ads according to custom rules that you create or that the platform suggests.

Reveal can intuitively adjust bids and budget every 15 minutes based on ad performance and integrates with Slack to provide alerts, updates, and reports.

The system’s machine learning automates Facebook Ads, flags ineffective campaigns, and delivers suggestions on how to improve your results.

Safe to say, AI is the future of campaign management and Revealbot is leading the pack.


  • Starts at $83USD/month, minimum ad spend $10k/month.
  • Higher pricing and advanced features with higher spend

Best For: Medium to enterprise-sized businesses

Check Out Revealbot

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