Your Guide to the Best Digital Marketing Tools: 10 Best SEO Tools

10 Best SEO Tools

There are a lot of SEO tools on the market. Some are full platforms while others are meant for very specific purposes.

Check out the SEO tools you should be using to optimize your site and drive better rankings, traffic, and conversions from the search engines.


There are a lot of SEO tools on the market, but few stand out above the rest. One of these is Semrush, which is the first tool I paid a premium for and still pay for on a monthly basis. Whether you are doing SEO competitor research, display advertising research, or want to see where your competitors are getting their backlinks then Semrush has a tool for you.

Check it out. It’s well worth the price.

Best for: professional SEOs and founders doing technical SEO, keyword tracking, and more.

Price: starts at $99/mo and goes up from there. I have been a paying member for years.

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Moz homepage

Moz has long been a well-known brand in the SEO and digital marketing space, from their well-read blog to their annual summer conference MozCon and their SEO tools. Moz focuses its tools primarily on small to medium-sized businesses and location-based businesses with Moz Local.

Best for: professional SEOs and content marketers working with smaller sites and location-based businesses, business owners and DIY website owners.

Price: starts at $99/mo and goes up from there. I have used Moz’s tools since 2010.

Check out Moz


People told me for a long time that I should check out AHREFs, but I resisted. I had a tool that worked well for me (doing primarily SEO/content) in Semrush.

I eventually gave AHREFs a try and it became my go-to tool for SEO work. While they don’t do the paid data side very well, their traffic data and insights are matched by no one. I love this tool and happily pay for it monthly.

Best for: professional SEOs and content marketers/link builders, primarily used for link audits and keyword research.

Price: starts at $99/mo and goes up from there. I have been a paying member since 2016.

Check out AHREFs


Clearscope is an AI-powered platform (really!) that makes it ridiculously easy to get more out of your content by driving more traffic via SEO to your landing pages.

Clearscope was founded by SEO agency owners who were producing a lot of content for clients but didn’t have a great way to see all of the important metrics in one place. So they built Clearscope to provide on-page optimization pointers, related keywords, competitive research, and so much more.

Best for: enterprise websites, teams, content marketers, and marketing agencies with large clients.

Price: starts at $170 per month

Check out Clearscope


When I ask content marketers what tools they use, I hear Frase mentioned frequently. They’re an AI-driven platform that helps you research, write, and optimize high-quality SEO content in minutes instead of hours.

From briefs to writing, optimization to analytics, Frase lets you put your whole SEO content workflow on steroids so you can rank better, drive more traffic, and make more money.

Best for: enterprise websites, teams, and marketing agencies with large clients.

Price: from $19.99/mo

Check out Frase

Keywords Everywhere

keywords-everywhere homepage

Keywords Everywhere is a Chrome and Firefox extension that provides accurate keyword metrics and trends to marketers using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

We use Keywords Everywhere to do keyword research, find related keywords as we’re searching, identify previously unknown high search volume terms, and look at trends for a keyword to determine if it’s a keyword we should target.

Best for: anyone doing SEO.

Price: free Chrome and Firefox extensions, then bundles of keyword credits ($10-$100 at a time)

Check out Keywords Everywhere


surferseo homepage

SurferSEO, like Clearscope and Frase, is an AI-powered platform that helps SEOs research and write content that ranks in search engines so it can drive traffic and revenue.

SurferSEO has tools to let you craft a content strategy, build an article outline in minutes with AI, and then get content suggestions as you write that will boost your rankings. They also integrate with Jasper for writing, Google Docs for exporting and sharing, and WordPress for publishing. They also have a Chrome extension, just like Keywords Everywhere.

All in all, a very solid tool that is becoming an SEO platform.

Best for: enterprise websites, teams, content marketers, and marketing agencies with large clients.

Price: starts at $49 per month

Check out SurferSEO

Screaming Frog

As an SEO, you constantly need to crawl a website (whether your own or a competitor’s) to get insight into the changes that can be made to improve your rankings. My tool of choice, and that of most SEOs, is Screaming Frog. While it can bog down on very large sites (though they are working on this), it is amazing for sites up to around 15,000 unique URLs.

Best for: professional SEOs working on small to medium size websites, hobbyist SEOs and website/business owners.

Price: currently £149 (currently ~$194) for the year. This is a steal. I use this tool weekly if not daily. I have paid for this tool since 2012.

Check out Screaming Frog


If Screaming Frog is not powerful enough for the size of your site (usually a site with 100,000+ pages), then you need a more powerful crawling tool to give you the full insights you need.

There are many such tools on the market, but the one I have used extensively is DeepCrawl. DeepCrawl runs in the cloud, which means that you can set it to run and let it go without worrying about pausing it by unplugging your computer or losing your internet connection.

Best for: enterprise websites, teams, and marketing agencies with large clients.

Price: custom based on your needs

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SEO Testing homepage

SEO Testing is a relative newcomer to the SEO tools space. I was a bit dubious about it at first, but it has become a tool that I appreciate because it gives me a high-level look at my Search Console data daily and weekly, including changes in clicks and visibility.

Best for: small to medium-size businesses without a full-time SEO.

Pricing: starts at $30/mo and goes up from there.

Check out

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