How Inspired Closets found the right SEO firm

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Mike Wolf – Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Inspired Closets Mike is the Senior Manager of Digital Marketing and E-Commerce at Inspired Closets, part of The Stow Company Mike came to Credo in fall 2018 looking for a new agency to help him and his team grow a brand that he had recently taken ownership of inside the company. After a few discussions with the Credo team, including meeting in person at a conference in Detroit, Mike had extensive…

How National Outdoor Furniture found the right SEO firm through Credo

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Deron Nakamura – President at National Outdoor Furniture Deron Nakamura is the President at National Outdoor Furniture in the Greater New York City area. Deron came to Credo in December 2017 looking for an SEO and digital firm to help him correct National Outdoor Furniture’s organic growth and then continue on growing the business. Since engaging with his firm through Credo, National Outdoor Furniture has seen a substantial increase in organic visibility and continues to grow to this day: When…

How Credo helped jewelry business Shane Co find an SEO firm

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Chris Jones – Digital Marketing Manager at Shane Co Chris Jones is the Digital Marketing Manager at Shane Co in Denver, Colorado. Chris came to Credo in January 2019 looking for help driving more traffic to their website and brick and mortar businesses. They leverage many different marketing channels for company growth and are a well known brand in their local markets, so they were looking for a strategy to execute on that will help them continue to grow. Credo…

How Credo helped Terry Knickerbocker Studio find the right agency

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Kristan Brown – Studio Manager at Terry Knickerbocker Studio Kristan Brown is the Studio Manager at Terry Knickbocker Studio in Brooklyn, New York. Kristan came to Credo in August 2018 looking to engage with a vetted marketing agency. Founded by Terry Knickerbocker, who is a well known acting teacher and coach in NYC, their goals were to increase qualified leads for their Two Year Program, find avenues to compete with top MFA programs across the country and generally increase brand…

Credo featured on the Keywords Everywhere podcast

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Our founder John Doherty was featured on Keywords Everywhere’s new podcast talking about SEO competitor research, hiring, staying on top of SEO trends, and a lot more. Keywords Everywhere is a free Chrome extension that allows you, the SEO or marketing professional, to identify keyword terms and individual keywords related to the terms you searched in Google. They provide search volumes for terms you search as well as related keywords on the side, which help you identify more and profitable…

Credo featured on IndieHackers podcast

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IndieHackers is a leading website, owned by Stripe, that celebrates entrepreneurship and makers who are creating products in the world. It’s a strong community of people who help each other succeed. Our founder John was interviewed by IndieHackers founder Courtland Allen about the Credo story and his advice for starting and growing a business. Listen and enjoy!

Credo featured on Nathan Latka’s The Top podcast

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Credo was recently featured on Nathan Latka’s popular entrepreneur podcast The Top. The Top has had amazing guests and over 3.5 million downloads, so we are excited to be featured!

Credo featured on Chris Guillebeau’s Side Hustle School podcast

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If you don’t know Chris Guillebeau, you probably should. He’s visited every country on Earth, travels around the world in luxury for free because of travel hacking, and he’s well known in the side hustle world. He basically teaches people how to make money on the side. He also has an amazing podcast, and since Credo originally started as a side hustle we were featured on an episode called “IN A WORLD OF UNCERTAINTY, BUILD YOUR OWN SECURITY”. Check it…

How Credo helped startup Zolo connect with the right SEO consultant

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Jason Billingsley, Co-Founder at Zolo Realty Jason Billingsley is the co-founder of, Canada’s MLS listings and real estate for sale website. Jason’s words: We needed a consultant to bridge our SEO efforts while we attempted to hire an in-house Director of SEO. John lined up four qualified options within a day, and we ended up landing the single most qualified person in our entire industry within 2 weeks. It was 1 part luck, 1 part Credo. Zolo is taking…

How Credo helped ecommerce brand Medelita find the right agency

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Dan Stepchew, Chief E-Commerce Officer, Medelita Dan Stepchew is the Chief E-Commerce Officer of Medelita, an ecommerce brand that makes premium lab coats and scrubs for the modern medical professional. Dan’s words: I contacted Credo in December 2017 because we were looking for help growing our ecommerce website’s organic traffic. John took the call even when he was in Barcelona working remotely, and he took the time to understand my needs and even worked with us through an elongated process…

Credo on Side Hustle Nation podcast

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You probably don’t know that Credo started as a side hustle. It started when I (John) was working for Distilled in New York and stopped doing my own side consulting. I started sending work to my friends and then realized that there was a business here that could meet the need of businesses who had no idea how to vet if an SEO or marketing agency was any good. I recently had the chance to share the Credo story and…

How Credo helped HVAC company John Moore Services grow their link profile

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Steve Lawrence, Director of Digital Marketing, John Moore Services Steve Lawrence is the Director of Digital Marketing at John Moore Services in Houston, Texas.   Steve’s words: We are in a competitive industry in Houston Texas, and even with our current digital marketing team in place we needed additional resources dedicated to acquiring the links we need to facilitate better rankings. We contacted Credo and after a 30 minute discussion where they asked deeper questions to clarify our needs and…

Credo contributes to HubSpot’s 2018 Agency Growth Report

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In late 2017 we were approached by HubSpot to help them with their 2018 agency growth report. The goal of this report is to help agency owners (and those who want to grow an agency) with actionable insights around how they are doing and what others are up to. This report covers: The fact that a full 75% of agencies say that their main source of leads is referrals, their website, or personal networks does not surprise me. The fact…

John on the Growth Everywhere podcast

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Eric Siu, the CEO of agency Single Grain, runs the Growth Everywhere podcast where he interviews entrepreneurs and growth people about what they do and how they do it. Eric says: Tune in to hear John share the struggles he experienced and lessons learned when he took the big leap from the corporate world to entrepreneurship, how he went from being laid off to building a successful company, how he grew Credo to 14K monthly visitors, and the biggest mistake…

Credo on Podcast

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Our founder John was interviewed on the Proposify Biz podcast about growing a “Tinder for Agencies”. John and Kyle Racki, Proposify CEO, went deep into the founding story, why there is a need for a service like Credo to cut through the noise in the SEO industry, and why pricing is so hard. Enjoy! Listen on Proposify

Credo’s Digital Pricing Survey Covered by Search Engine Journal

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Off the back of the Digital Marketing Pricing Survey results released in late February 2017, Search Engine Journal (a well-known publication in the digital marketing space) covered the main takeaways and highlights. Have a read!

How Credo Helped Seer Interactive Scale Technical SEO Work

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Ethan Lyon, Tech Team Lead, Seer Interactive Ethan Lyon, Tech Team Lead, at Seer came to Credo with a problem: their technical SEO team was full up with work and they needed to find agencies or consultants willing to help them out. In Ethan’s words: “Our tech team was at capacity and we were on the verge of turning away business when I found Credo. Almost immediately after posting the job we heard from a handful of contractors. We vetted…

Small Business Trends

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Credo was mentioned as the feature in a story about how we are reforming the digital marketing consulting industry. Read:

This Week in Startups

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Our founder John Doherty was a guest of Jason Calacanis on This Week in Startups, talking technical content marketing for startups. Link


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Our founder John Doherty wrote a post on the blog about whether or not you should implement changes to keep up with Google’s new features. Link


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Credo was mentioned by Samuel Scott on TechCrunch, referencing our post on Moz about startup link building and where most startups get their links (hint: PR). Link

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