Welcome to the SEO Term Dictionary from Credo!

SEO is like its own language. When someone says “The rich snippets on that SERP are out of control! Do you think that caused by Schema? And listing #4 I’m pretty sure is a rogue canonical tag”, do you think “Oh yeah totally” and actually understand it, or is it more of “Oh yeah, tooootally” as you stare into the distance and make a mental note to go look up those terms later?

If you’re the former, you should probably be creating this yourself.

But if you’re the latter, you’ve come to the right place!

On the pages listed, you’ll find the definitions and explanations of each of the terms and why they matter for SEO.

This is very much intended to be a living document and we are adding new terms all the time!

OnPage SEO Elements

SEO Terms

Link Building

SEO Status Codes

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