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Digital Marketing Agency Rate Card and Price List

Average Digital Agency Rates

Sometimes it is helpful to see digital agency prices in one place.

On this page, we present the Credo Digital Agency Rate Card and Price List.

This list will help you get a snapshot of how much agencies charge on average.

We highly encourage you to investigate each example deeper and understand the spread of potential pricing so that you understand if a provider’s quote is within expected ranges.

Hourly Digital Agency Rates Average

Agency TypeHourly
Marketing Agencies Overall$112.22
SEO Agency (Worldwide)$134.14
SEO Agency (US)$147.93
PPC Agency (Worldwide)$136.87
PPC Agency (US)$151.88
Facebook Ads (Worldwide)$137.38
Facebook Ads (US)$136.69

It is also important when hiring to understand the scope of the project and how that correlates to pricing.

Sometimes you will receive a quote for a project that is outside of your budget or expected budget.

Unfortunately, what most companies then do is say that it’s “too expensive and we don’t need all that.”

Instead, the better way to approach this conversation is to start a conversation about how to get the project within budget.

You may be surprised how many agencies simply have not thought about how to do this.

By engaging in the conversation about trimming unnecessary scope or elongating the timeline, it is often possible to get it done within budget. 

Our team makes that process as simple and convenient as possible.

This page last updated on July 21, 2022 by John Doherty

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