Digital Marketing Pricing Survey | Get Gredo: Takeaways


This guide is long and has a lot of data.

We covered a lot in this comprehensive report on pricing for digital agency and marketing services.

But we get it, many of you want the Cliff Notes.

Here are the main takeaways and quotables from the guide.

If you quote them in anything you publish, please be sure to give Credo credit via a link back to the guide.

We have included links that say “source” after each to make it easier for you to cut and paste into your CMS.

  • Marketing providers worldwide from our dataset charge on average $112.22 per hour. (source)
  • Worldwide SEO providers charge $112.22 on average per hour. (source)
  • SEO agencies charge on average $134.99. (source)
  • 60% of PPC firms charge between $100-$200 per hour.  (source)
  • 59% of social ads providers charge between $100-$200 per hour.  (source)

Some unexpected and useful findings:

  • 78% of SEO agencies also offer content marketing as a service. (source)
  • 62.66% of SEO agencies surveyed do not offer link building as a service! (source)
  • Concurrently, 91% of surveyed agencies who offer PPC also offer SEO! (source)
  • 30.29% of SEO providers, 26.30% of PPC providers, and 23.93% of Facebook ads providers do not have a minimum contract length. (source)
  • Only 6.56% of social ads agencies are off a billing option as a percentage of profits/uplift.
  • 93.44% of providers do not work on a percentage of uplift or profit. (source)

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