How To Be Successful: Take Action [CredoCast]

Posted by on August 20, 2022 in CredoCast/Entrepreneurship/Pro Blog

I was speaking with a marketing agency recently about what they do and who they do it for. As I spoke with them, I was looking at their website. Their website had generic pages like “SEO services” and “Digital Transformation”, but didn’t actually say anything about the types of work they do – or who (brand, vertical, industry) specifically they create the best results for. When I asked them about it, they said “Oh yeah, you know the cobbler’s kids….

What to do when everything feels busy

Posted by on March 2, 2021 in CredoCast/Entrepreneurship

I’ve recently reached a place where everything feels super busy. Even though we’re still in a pandemic and I’m not traveling like I used to because of that, there is a ton going on. Business has grown substantially in the last year, and so we need to hire. My daughter is a toddler and almost 2, so she needs more energy and attention that before. My wife and I are at the tail end of having a new house designed…

How to do layoffs well, from the CEO whose company laid me off

Posted by on April 15, 2020 in CredoCast/Entrepreneurship

It’s not every day you get to interview the former CEO of a publicly traded company, and it’s definitely not every day that this CEO was also the CEO of the company that laid you off from your job. This is one of those days. With today’s realities of COVID and small businesses hurting across the world, I knew I needed to get a bigger perspective on layoffs and doing them well, managing cashflow and shoring up your revenue so…

What almost triggering an avalanche taught me about business

Posted by on March 3, 2020 in CredoCast/Entrepreneurship

I recently almost triggered an avalanche when backcountry skiing near Breckenridge. In reflecting back on it, it taught me an important business lesson too. Apologies if you experience a slight clicking during this episode. I recorded it on AirPods while driving in my car. Transcript Hey, what’s going on everybody? So I am currently heading up towards the mountains to spend a few days at the ski cabin for the weekend that we’re renting for the winter. And as I’ve…

The one email you’re probably not sending

Posted by on April 4, 2019 in CredoCast/Entrepreneurship/Sales

If you’re doing sales for a service business, having a locked down sales process is going to save you a ton of time, a ton of work, and a ton of frustration. If you have it, then you’ll also have a much better business. At minimum, you’ll close a lot more work. Over the last few years we’ve been honing our sales process at Credo, both with clients coming through the system as well as my own personal consulting clients….

When and how to ask your clients for testimonials and case studies

Posted by on March 14, 2019 in Consulting Strategies/Entrepreneurship/Pro Blog

Make sure to subscribe on iTunes or Spotify for a new episode every Thursday! A couple of months ago, I was on an airplane in Portugal getting ready to take off. I wasn’t the pilot but I did have a window seat (rare for me as I usually prefer the aisle). As I tend to do on planes, I was listening to a podcast and doing some work. I was technically on vacation, but we hadn’t landed in our location yet…

Four reasons why you’re not closing enough work

Posted by on March 7, 2019 in CredoCast/Entrepreneurship/Pro Blog

Are you struggling to close enough of the leads you’re receiving into business? While some marketers just get referral business and can close those with very little effort, when you’re in growth mode or trying to close bigger contracts you need a sales process that works for you. There are four main reasons we see here at Credo that agencies and consultants struggle to close work, even when that referral is super warm and actively looking to work with someone….

The top business podcasts we’re listening to at Credo

Posted by on December 11, 2018 in CredoCast/Entrepreneurship

Check out this episode on iTunes. As I’ve been building Credo for the last few years, I’ve realized that in order to have a chance of succeeding as an entrepreneur or high-impact professional you have to upgrade your mindset. Now, I’m not the most woo-woo of people. I resisted meditation for a long time. I don’t take mind-enhancing supplements. I tend to be skeptical of a lot of things like “setting your intention” or “the habits of millionaires”. But, I…

100k YouTube subscribers with 20 videos – How @backlinko identifies unfair advantages

Posted by on March 1, 2018 in CredoCast/Entrepreneurship/Growth/SEO

Brian Dean, if you don’t know him, is the founder of Backlinko. Started as an outlet for him to share what he’s learned, he’s built it into an SEO training company that allows him to travel the world and make a positive impact on the SEO world. In this conversation, we talk about unfair advantages. Brian is a master of identifying unfair advantages and opportunities that allow him to go to the next level. We talk about: How he tried…

What happens when a side project takes off, with Josh Pigford (@shpigford) of Baremetrics

Posted by on February 15, 2018 in CredoCast/Entrepreneurship/Growth

Josh Pigford is the CEO and founder of Baremetrics, which they say is “Metrics, forecasting and engagement tools for teams using Stripe, Braintree, Chargify and Recurly.” They help SaaS and subscription businesses have clarity into their subscriptions, revenue, churn and more.

The main hustle is the side hustle, with Nick Loper (@nloper)

Posted by on February 1, 2018 in CredoCast/Entrepreneurship

Nick Loper is the founder of Side Hustle Nation. He started the site because he was starting side hustle businesses which grew into full time income. He actually started side hustles on the side of his main hustles, and then the side hustles became the main hustle. Meta, right? Nick and I actually first got connected because I came across one of his current side hustles and I emailed him. Then we met in person in Boulder and have continued…

Build a business to suit your life, not your life to suit your business with Aleyda Solis

Posted by on January 18, 2018 in Business/Consulting Strategies/CredoCast/Entrepreneurship

Aleyda Solis is one of my favorite people in the digital marketing world. She’s whip smart, has a ton of hustle, is always doing interesting things and sharing the learnings with others, and she’s super fun to hang out with (I’ve had hangovers for days after hanging out with her). She’s also an incredible marketer and entrepreneur, and over the last few years has built a business that she loves running from wherever she happens to be in the world….

Building a transparent business and being a solo founder with Adii Pienaar of Conversio

Posted by on November 30, 2017 in CredoCast/Entrepreneurship

I’ve been connected with Adii for a while now and always respected his stuff, but I have to be honest that I really enjoyed this conversation with him. Adii is a calming presence, something not often found in entrepreneurs, and his approach to building his company really inspired me to think twice about how I build companies as well. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

The Future of Websites and Business is Personalization, with Brennan Dunn

Posted by on November 16, 2017 in CredoCast/Entrepreneurship/Marketing Strategies

Brennan Dunn is a developer at heart, but over the last few years has taken personalization and marketing automation further than pretty much anyone I know. Founder of many companies but most notably Double Your Freelancing and now RightMessage, we geeked out on personalization, the steps he’s taken to go from some side projects to a six figure a month info-product company, and what he’s trying to do now with RightMessage.

Finding Success with Audience-First Entrepreneurship, with Rand Fishkin

Posted by on November 2, 2017 in CredoCast/Entrepreneurship

Rand Fishkin is the founder of Moz and an intrepid entrepreneur. He’s been a friend of mine for a number of years now, and one thing that has always impressed me is how thoughtful Rand is about growth and entrepreneurship, and how he always stays true to his own values. In this video we talk about serving SMB customers, what he’s learned about the venture world and software, and why relationships have mattered to much to him personally and Moz…

The Journey from 6 Co-Founders to Building the Unbounce We Know Today, with Oli Gardner

Posted by on October 26, 2017 in CredoCast/Entrepreneurship/Growth

Oli Gardner is a cofounder of Unbounce, the premiere landing page software to help businesses convert more of their traffic into leads and business. More than that, Oli is an internationally known speaker who travels the world teaching people about conversion optimization and marketing. He’s known for his epic content, such as the Noob Guide to Online Marketing which effectively launched Unbounce into the stratosphere. We talk about that and more, including: What it’s like to start a company with…

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